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The latest news from Bishopshalt School

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  • Half Term

    Published 21/10/16

    Half term is from Monday 24 October to Friday 28 October.  Students return to school on Monday 31 October at 8.40am.

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  • GCSE Success

    Published 30/08/16

    We are delighted to celebrate the success of our GCSE students this year with 78% of all students achieved 5 or more A* to C grades and 68% achieving A*-C in both English and Maths.  31 students gained 5 or more A*-A grades and an incredible 11 gained at least 10 A*-As

    Grace Waddingham                        10A* 1B

    Shaanveer Samra                            9A*   2A

    Kyle Watson                                     7A*   4A  

    Malak Sadka                                     7A*   4A  1B

    Paulina Met                                      7A*   5A

    Iman Korchi                                     6A*   4A  1B

    Taha Al-Atarsh                                5A*   7A

    Alejandra Correa Gutierrez          5A*   7A

    Adam Mohammed                         5A*   5A

    Moyosore Shoyoye                         3A*   8A

    Nikhil Verma                                   3A*   7A  1B

    Well done to all students.

    This year, the government has introduced a number of new measures including the percentage of students gaining A*-C in English and Maths (see above 68%)and a progress measure called ‘Progress 8’ which looks at the progress made in each pupil’s best 8 subjects. Our score has improved (from +.22) to +.30 which shows that our students, on average make around a third of a grade better in EACH of their examinations than they would in an average school.    We are proud of these results because they exemplify our vision of ‘providing our children with an outstanding education that fulfils their potential’.

     Headteacher Kim Rowe

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  • Breakfast Service

    Published 12/02/15

    Students are welcome to take advantage of our excellent breakfast service which is available everyday from 8am to 8.30am.  

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