The Art and Design Department is extremely well equipped and resourced. Pupils throughout the school engage in various art activities, including critical and contextual studies.
There are four members of staff in the Department, including a part-time technician.
The syllabus provides continuity and progression between key Stages 3 and 4 and the Sixth Form.
KEY STAGE 3 face
At the start of Year 7 all pupils cover the basic elements – line, tone, colour,
pattern etc in the first term. This platform ensures all students are fully prepared
for the level of work at KS3. In Years 7-8, pupils also learn many different practical skills; painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, printmaking and graphic design. Pupils are encouraged to develop an individual response to the work. Critical studies are a very important part of the Key Stage Three Syllabus; pupils learn about artists, designers and craftspeople from a variety of cultures and historical periods and there is the opportunity to work with a practising Artist. Students can also become involved in various extra curricular t activities.
Year Nine Art and Design is a student’s foundation year. Lessons are used to further develop and enhance students’ skills and knowledge ready for making their option choices for Y10. Students will be encouraged to develop individual responses to their project and there will be the opportunity of working with new media.
Careers guidance and options advice are given in Year 9.


 KEY STAGE 4 (Years 10 and 11)
All candidates undertake an unendorsed Art and Design GCSE examination. Throughout the course pupils are encouraged to develop their own interests within a structured programme. There would be the opportunity to work with a practising artist during the two years and students visit various galleries to stimulate their art work.
 THE SIXTH FORM (Years 12 and 13)
 face 1
A considerable emphasis is placed on students gaining experience from external influences, such as Art Galleries, Museums, the local environment and art colleges. Students are encouraged to develop their work in an individual way and are also encouraged to develop a professional portfolio of work suitable for interview purposes.
 two face
Many students gain places every year at local and national Art Colleges.  Students also gain worth while careers in Art related fields of employment.There are opportunities for Scenery Painting, School Magazine Illustration and Competition work.
Miss B Anderson
Head of Art Department