Design & Technology



Design & Technology Faculty Overview

Within Design & Technology we offer 4 key disciplines;
Product Design, Graphic Design, Food Technology and Textiles Design.
Students in KS3 will study all 4 disciplines to work through a variety of design projects which are current, engaging and meet the NC levels. The projects allow students to focus on the Design & Technology Key strands to produce creative and well manufactured outcomes. In KS4 our students have the option to study any of the 4 subject options at GCSE level depending on their interests. Their study can then continue into Year 12 and 13 where they can specialise in Food Technology or Product Design.
The Faculty has 7 classrooms which are all equipped with specialist Technology equipment. The Food Technology rooms have just been completely refurbished with brand new facilities. We also have 2 Textiles rooms which have also undergone recent renovations. Our two Product Design workshop areas have the benefits of 2 CAD/CAM milling machines and are currently undergoing improvements with the installation of further new machinery. We are also fortunate to have a full computer suite in the Graphics room which also has a CAD/ CAM cutter.
As well as offering a variety of Design & Technology subjects in well equipped rooms we have a fantastic team of  teaching and technician staff who are very  knowledgable, enthusiastic and highly skilled who seek to stretch every student and challenge t hem to excel  in Design & Technology.
We believe Design is at the core of everyday life.