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Extra Curricular Timetables

Key Stage 4 - Year 11 Period 6 Intervention Timetable:

PE timetable:

Details are also displayed on the PE Notice Board opposite the changing rooms

Regular / Weekly Clubs

These may change due to staff availability - your child will be notified via the daily notices if a club is not taking place.

Music Clubs

Drama Clubs

Dance Clubs

Clubs Available;


Club Name Department  Staff Member  Day lunch time / After School Year Group 
Homework and reading SEN GRO Monday Lunch All Years
Choir Music KNG Monday Lunch All Years
Science Club Science  SRF Monday (Wk B) After School 7, 8
Gymnastics PE MAU Tuesday before School 7, 8, 9, 10
Lego  SEN GRO Tuesday Lunch All Years
Jazz Band Music KNG Tuesday Lunch All Years
Animation Computing  CHU/ KSS Tuesday Lunch 7
Maths Club Maths MRT, ABL, ATN Tuesday Lunch 7, 8 & 9
Y7 & Y8 Spanish Club MFL PLT  Tuesday (starting 11 Oct) Lunch 7 & 8
Netball PE MAU Tuesday After School 9, 10
KS3 Dance Club Dance BIG Tuesday After School 7, 8 & 9
Table Tennis PE PTI Tuesday After School all years
Drama Club Drama ODL Wednesday Lunch 7 and 8
Drama Club Drama CLE Wednesday Lunch 9
Homework and reading SEN GRO Wednesday Lunch All Years
Orchestra Music KNG Wednesday Lunch All Years
Baking Club Food IRV Wednesday (week A) Lunch  7, 8 & 9
Boys Streetdance  Dance  MRT Wednesday Lunch 7, 8 & 9
Y7 & Y8 French Club MFL PLT Wednesday (starting 12 Oct) Lunch 7 & 8
KS3 Art Club Art AND/ GEE Wednesday After School 7, 8 & 9
Rugby  PE LWS Wednesday After School 8
Futsal  PE BLL/ WLD Wednesday After School All Year 
Games Workshop Club   WLX Thursday Lunch All
Debate Club   GBL/DWR Thursday Lunch All
Rock Club Music KNG/ Conor Mangan  Thursday After School All Years
Textiles Sewing Club Textiles HNN Thursday After School 8
Netball  PE Thursday  Thursday After School 7, 8 
Pro Respect  Citizenship  GEE Thursday After School ALL 
Creative Writing Club English DAV Friday Lunch KS3 and KS4
LGBT Club Citizenship  GEE Friday Lunch ALL 
Junior BODS PA ALL PA staff Summer Term   7, 8 & 9
BODS PA ALL PA staff Autumn Term See separate rehearsal schedule 10, 11, 12 & 13

Clubs Available (document)

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