So, why do we study Media?

It teaches you:
  • that media messages are a construction of reality not reality itself;
  • to use media languages to analyse how media products are constructed;
  • that the media is enjoyable, entertaining, persuasive and powerful.
It allows you:
  • to put theory into practice in your own media production which increases personal confidence and practical skills;
  • to transfer media literacy skills across different subject areas.
It enables you:
  • to see beneath the screen and read between the lines – to become critically literate and transfer your literacy skills to any media text.
It develops skills and knowledge:
  • so you can be more active participants in your society;
  • which are useful in a wide variety of careers.
And what will we be studying?

Year 10
Term 1
Media Language and Pre-production skills
Unit 2: Assignment 1 (Moving Image – Sitcom Television programme)
Term 2
Unit 2: Assignment 2 (Advertising and marketing – Soft Drink adverts)
Term 3
Unit 2: Assignment 3 (Print – Teen Magazine)
Year 11
Term 1
Unit 2: Assignment 3 (Print - Magazine)
Coursework fix up and deadline
Term 2
Unit 1: External Exam topic Action Adventure Films
Term 3
Unit 1 set brief preparation
Unit 1 Exam

What are the KEY CONCEPTS for studying media?
·        Media Language : forms and conventions
·        Media Representations
·        Media Institutions
·        Media Audiences
Your grade is broken down into 3 components

Film Poster, Sitcom and Magazine
Controlled test topic