GCSE Business Studies


What will I be learning about?
In Business Studies you will learn about how businesses are set up, organised and financed. You will also examine how they use marketing and advertising to help them sell their products and services. The importance of recruiting and training workers is studied, as well as the role that is played by the government in influencing and controlling business activities.
What kind of things will I be doing?
·         Work in groups to investigate business ideas and concepts.
·         Use computers to develop ICT skills required in businesses.
·         Make presentations to the class based around a business case study.
·         Undertake role-plays, such as trade union negotiations with management for better pay and conditions, and job interviews.
What do I need in order to do well?
·         A positive attitude and hardworking approach.
·         A keen interest in finding out about how businesses operate.
·         An ability to work independently and in groups.
·         An interest in developing personal ICT skills.
What kind of grade could I get?
Everyone has the chance to get a GCSE grade from A* to G. The course is split into 3 different units across the two years of study. The examinations are not tiered; as a result of this every student has the opportunity to achieve the highest grade possible.
The course consists of:4Unit 1 Examination (Summer Year 10) 4Unit 2 Examination (January Year 11) 4Unit 3 Controlled Assessment (Summer Year 11)
What could I do with this qualification?
Sixth Form:   Business Studies, Economics or Humanities subjects such as History or Media Studies. On the vocational route – Applied Business or BTEC First Business.
Careers:         Almost all careers will involve putting what you learn in Business Studies into practice.
What questions have previous students asked?
Q.        Do I have to be good at Maths?
A.        There is some maths involved, but you'll be taught what you need to know.
Q.        Do I need to be good at IT?
A.        You will improve your IT skills as 40% of lessons are held in the IT rooms.