Health and Social Care


What will I be learning about?
The Health and Social Care course is designed to give you the knowledge, skills and understanding that you would need to gain employment in health, social care or early years services. You will learn about health, the factors that can affect health and how to take health measurements to set targets for health improvement. You will examine why people need care services (ill health, sports injury, pregnancy), what services are available to them and the professionals who work there. 
What kind of things will I be doing?
You will be:
  • Working in groups to investigate careers in health and social care
  • Using computers to develop the ICT skills needed in the care sector
  • Developing health plans to help individuals improve their health
  • Investigating real care services to see how they operate
  • Communicating with care professionals to learn about the values that are important to care sector work
What do I need in order to do well?
You need:
  • A genuine interest in health, social care or early years care  
  • An aptitude for coursework based assessment            
  • An ability to work in groups and individually to meet deadlines
  • An interest in developing ICT and research skills
What kind of grade could I get?
Certification is offered at grades A*A* to GG and is worth two GCSE passes. All students sit the same exam and have a chance to gain the full range of grades. The course covers three units each worth a third of your final grade. Two of these units are assessed through coursework and only one through an external exam.
What could I do with this qualification?
Sixth Form: Health and Social Care AS, A2 and BTEC courses or Human Science subjects such as Sociology or Psychology. 
Careers: This course along with other relevant qualifications will help you to gain employment in a range of careers including: Sports Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Paramedics, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work, Nursery Nursing or Social Care posts.

For further information please speak to: Mrs Knight