‘Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides.'

Rita Mae Brown (Author)



At Bishopshalt School we offer students the opportunity to study French and/or German at GCSE level.


Why study a language at GCSE level?

Languages are a life skill

Knowledge of a foreign language is not just another GCSE grade – it is a concrete and demonstrable life skill, like being able to drive a car or touch-type, and it is a skill highly valued by employers.

Languages teach you communication skills and adaptability

Learning how to interact with speakers of other languages means you are less likely to be stuck in one mode of thinking.  It can help you see things from a range of perspectives, develop your problem-solving skills, and make you more adaptable, resourceful and creative.

Languages teach you cultural awareness

The ability to operate cross-culturally is becoming just as valued by employers as straight language skills.

Languages give you a sense of achievement

Learning a language combines the intellectual with the practical as no other subject does.  You need to be able to think on your feet, but when you can find exactly the right foreign word or phrase, you get a real sense of achievement.

Languages are a social skill

Languages are very sociable.  If you enjoy being with people and communicating with them, the chances are you’ll enjoy being able to do this in a foreign language too.

Languages give you the edge in the job market

Today there is a global market for jobs.  It is not necessary to be completely fluent in a foreign language to be an asset to any potential employer.  Knowing how to meet and greet people from other countries and cultures is a valued skill.

Learning languages gives you greater opportunities to travel and work abroad

There are many opportunities to travel or work with organisations abroad where some knowledge of a foreign language is a clear advantage.

Languages combine well with virtually any subject for further study

The range of combined degrees and further education courses involving a language is limitless – from Accountancy with Russian to Theatre Studies with Italian. Many universities even offer funding for students to continue or extend their language knowledge by travelling or working abroad during the holidays.

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