Key Stage 3

Rationale for Dance

Year 7 Dance


We have a "Dance for All" policy at Bishopshalt.  Students can access the diverse curriculum at Key Stage 3, supported by an extensive extra curricular programme.

 The ethos of Dance at Bishopshalt is inclusive and aspires to celebrate the diverse social and cultural characteristics of the community that it serves.

Dance provides opportunity to ....................

  • Create a challenging, dynamic and fun dance environment for all abilities.
  • Actively engage and motivate students in dance.
  • Opportunity for students to observe, discuss, perform and evaluate dance.
  • Develop and extend students' movement vocabulary across various dance styles.
  • Develop students' technical skills in dance.
  • Develop students' expressive skills and ability to communicate choreographic intention.
  • Develop students' ability to relate to other dancers, to the accompaniment and to the physical environment.
  • Develop students' ability to use choreographic devices to explore, develop and structure their ideas.
  • Encourage students to engage emotionally, imaginatively and intellectually with their own and others' dance works.
  • Raise students' awareness of how they can access dance as a creator, performer and viewer, beyond school and into adult life.

The Dance Curriculum aspires to .................

  • Challenge and inspire all.
  • Challenge and inspire all learners.
  • Create independent learners that communicate effectively, approaching tasks with an enquiring mind.
  • Develop confident individuals through guided discovery, creating and performing within a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Encourage responsible citizenship through working practices and team work.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle that increases well being, self awareness and encourages a responsible attitude to nutrition, health and fitness.