Key Stage 4

GCSE Dance

 What will I be learning about?

 You will be learning composing, performing and appreciating skills within dance.
What kind of things will I be doing?
·         Choreographing and performing both solo and group dances.
·         Performing to other members of the group and other audiences.
·         Evaluating professional dance works from video and theatre trips.
·         Studying the theory of good studio practice and dance composition.
What do I need in order to do well?
·         Enthusiasm, determination, commitment and lots of creative original ideas.
·         To be able to listen to other people's advice and take it on board.
·         Ability to work independently and in a group, to develop and evaluate ideas.
What kind of grade could I get?
Everyone has the chance to get a GCSE grade. This could range from A* to G.
The course is made up of:
·        20% examination - theory.
·        80% coursework - practical.
What could I do with this qualification?
Sixth Form:   AS Dance or Performing Arts.
Careers:         Dancer; Teacher, Arts Administrator, Therapist
What questions have previous students asked?
Q.        Do I have to dance outside of school to do this subject?
A.        No, although it is advantageous it is not a disadvantage if you don't. There is the opportunity to take part in clubs and technique classes.
Q.        Do we get to perform to an audience?
A.        Yes, you will be very involved in the dance evenings.