There are seven full-time specialist teachers housed in a purpose built suite comprising seven well-equipped teaching rooms and a large Faculty room for meetings, preparation and central storage. Seven rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards allowing the teacher access to mathematics internet resources.
Available resources include: books from New Maths Frameworking the Key Maths Series; numerous text books for all abilities; extensive basic and specialised practical equipment; printed worksheets and investigations; individual and group practical tasks; a library of exam papers for KS3, GCSE and A Level; Mathematics software with access to the computer suite of 90 networked computers.
The Lower School Scheme of Work has been developed by the department over a number of years and meets all the requirements of the National Numeracy Strategy. The emphasis is on balancing activities between tasks that develop knowledge, skills and understanding and those which develop the ability to tackle investigations and practical problems.
Year 7
Upon entering the School, Year 7 pupils are taught in broad ability groups for six hours each fortnight. Children who have been identified by their Primary School as needing extra help are taught in a small group by a specialist teacher whose aim is to give the children confidence and a sense of achievement before, if possible, feeding them back into the main stream. During the first term pupils in Year 7 follow the same programme of study and are given regular tests to assess their progress and level of attainment. At the end of the Autumn Term, Year 7 is rearranged into groups to suit pupils' individual needs. These groupings are regularly reviewed and moves between sets can be, and are, made at any time. All pupils take a school examination in Mathematics at the end of Year 7. Differentiated papers are set.
Years 8 and 9
In Year 8 pupils are grouped into sets and follow a scheme of work appropriate to their mathematical development and ability. Their progress and achievement are closely monitored and movement between sets is under constant review. There are five hour lessons each fortnight.
In Year 9 pupils are given a National Curriculum level at the end of the year and also start preparing for their GCSE course.
Years 10 and 11
The majority of pupils follow the EDEXCEL GCSE Mathematics syllabus. We also offer GCSE Statistics. There are six hour lessons each fortnight. Progress and attainment are closely monitored and movement between sets may occur when and where appropriate. The aim of the Department is to enter all pupils for GCSE.
Years 12 and 13
Students wishing to improve their GCSE grades may take the EDEXCEL GCSE Course.
Students following Advanced Level courses take the EDEXCEL Modular A Level syllabus completing modules in Core Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. We also support students who wish to take extra modules in Further Mathematics.
Miss J Ganachaud
Head of Mathematics Faculty