Religious Studies


The law requires that Religious Studies should be provided as part of the basic curriculum for all pupils, to promote their ‘spiritual, moral and cultural development.’ At Bishopshalt, provision is therefore made in all years and we follow the Agreed Syllabus approved by the London Borough of Hillingdon. In addition to this we also have flourishing examination groups both at GCSE and Advanced level.
The Religious Studies Department is housed in a purpose built block and two adjacent rooms.
The Department is well stocked with text books, artefacts and multi media material; there is however, opportunity for discussion as well as written work and the course will involve actually visiting different faith communities and their places of worship.
The Aim of Religious Studies
The aim of Religious Studies is to enable pupils to understand the nature or religion, its belief and practices, and the importance and influence of these in the lives of believers.
In order to do this, the course is designed specifically;
·      to awaken recognition of the challenge and practical consequences of religious belief and to explore the place and significance of religion in human life. Religion is primarily concerned with a spiritual view of the universe; with the relationship of the human believer to the Divine.
·      to seek to introduce pupils to the historical and theological knowledge and its expression in worship and community which forms the basis of the Christian Faith.
·      to seek to introduce pupils to the other main world religions in such away as to achieve tolerance and equality of respect.
·      to seek to show pupils the insights provided by religious faiths and experience into a wide range of personal, social and ethnic problems.
·      to seek to initiate pupils into knowledge and experience which they are encouraged to explore and appreciate, rather than into a system of belief which they will be required to accept.
A totally new course has been designed specifically for Bishopshalt in order to facilitate these aims. Bishopshalt intends to give students a broader understanding of the new religions practiced in Great Britain today. A multi-faith approach is employed and so we examine not only how a Christian feels about their faith and what it means to their everyday life, but also to a Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist and Sikh. Through giving students this insight, Religious Studies can help to promote understanding and tolerance to all faiths.


Miss J Kirkpatrick

Head of Religious Studies Department