This creative subject is taught throughout the School.  Years 7, 8 and 9 study DT Textiles and work towards National Curriculum levels.  The pupils study DT Textiles within the rotation involving other DT subjects.  during their lessons they learn many skills so building a foundation in readiness for examination level Textiles or for personal reference towards future hobby interest or life skills.

The Year 7 pupils design a creative case emphasising the project focus of design.  They also learn how to use a sewing machine which encourages eye and hand co-ordination. 

The Year 8 pupils produce innovative cushions using the technique of block printing:  The project focus is marking.

By the time pupils are in Year 9, the "Seasonable Bag" theme encourages flexibility, enabling pupils to produce their own original design based on seasons.  This is applied onto pre-purchased bags of various shapes and functions which they can choose from.  Techniques of application and design are selected by the students, so they are relevant to the individual's design and end result.

The pupils in KS3 enjoy the practical work and both boys and girls appear to particularly enjoy using the sewing machines.

KS4 & KS5

The AQA examination board is used by the Department for both GCSE and A Level.

The GCSE Art and Design Textiles course is 60% coursework and 40% examination.  The students produce a portfolio of coursework pieces involving mount boards, sketch book and final practical outcomes.  Topics they focus on include "Sweet Tooth", "Close Up", "Architecture" and their own personal choice of project.  the students experiment with a wide range of Techniques and achieve excellent work with exciting outcomes from soft sculptures to 2D canvas work and embellished garments.  The response to the AQA exam paper is preparation leading to a 10 hour practical exam.  The results to date are excellent, amongst the highest value added in the School and all A* - C grades.

The A'Level course is 50% coursework and 50% examination.  Many of the GCSE students continue with this subject and the Department welcomes students who have studied GCSE in other schools who join Bishopshalt in our Sixth Form.  The majority of our A' Level Art and Design Textiles students continue with this subject to Foundation courses or at University.  They successfully pursue Fashion Design and other courses linked with the industry.  The work for AS Level Textiles involves both mount boards and sketch books.  The students are encourages to visit galleries and museums to inspire their work.  Most build up a portfolio of work in readiness for interviews.  The standard is excellent and an annual Fashion Show and Summer Exhibition showcases the Textiles work from both GCSE and A'Level.  Results are exemplary. 

As an example, the eight A2 Level students in 2012 were rewarded with seven A* grades and one B grade in Textiles.  

This Department continues to celebrate the success of their students and the teachers involved very much enjoy working with the students throughout the School.  We work hard towards keeping this creative, innovative subject alive and very much kicking!