Y11 - Graphics

Year 11 Graphics

Examining Body – Edexcel

Controlled Assessment (Coursework)  (20 hours designing, 20 hours making) 60%

Exam – 40% of overall GCSE

In Year 11 students decide on a Graphic based product to design. These can range from interiors such as cafe’s, nightclub, shop, sports centre, or any type of packaging, a pop up book, a concept model, or any particular Graphic based product. The choice then allows student to take complete ownership of their project and be able to relate their choice to their own interests.

As well as the coursework element students also have to sit a final exam at the end of the year.


Examples of GCSE Coursework projects:


  Kyle               Jack lobjoit 

 1. Kyle Chandra - Music Studio                              2. Jack Lobjoit - Nightlclub

     Connor Gallagher              Vyran

  3. Connor Gallagher - BMW Showroom                    4. Vyran Dhindsey - PS3 Packaging