Year 7

 Year 7 have 7 English lessons a fortnight, including one library lesson. We develops skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening through the year.



Units of work:

  • Novels including Groosham Grange and Skellig
  • Introduction to Shakespeare
  • Media Unit
  • Gothic Horror narrative writing unit
  • Speaking and Listening performance unit
  • Poetry Unit


We were also very luck to have the author of Groosham Grange, Anthony Horowitz, come into our school and give a speech to the Year 7 students, as seen in the video below.  He even was very kind to take pictures with a few of the students and staff.  needless to say, the students were very excited to see the author and obtain his authograph.






Miss Stanton, whose letter convinced Anthony Horowitz to visit, was amazed that he chose to visit Bishopshalt:



"I was immensely flattered he chose us.  He gets offered to go to hundreds of schools every year, so for him to choose us made the students very special.  I don't know who was excited more - the students or the English staff!"


Doesn't it make you wonder who we could get next?




















Want to see more?  Click on 'Anthony Horowitz Photographs' at the side for pictures of the event, with some very proud students - not all of them Year 7! - with their signed novels and autographs!