Arts and Design GCSE

What will I be learning about?

 Art is about having an adventurous and enquiring approach to Art and Design and developing the skills to express it. You will develop an understanding of past and contemporary art and design and be able to produce a personal response embracing a range of ideas.
What kind of things will I be doing?
·         You will develop a working knowledge of the materials, practices and technology of Art and Design (in the form of sketchbooks).
·         You will develop your skills to investigate, analyse and experiment using art, craft and design.
·         You will develop your imaginative powers and the skills to express your ideas.
·         You will also develop an understanding of language and conventions of Art and Design and an understanding of the pace of Art in history and society.
·         Visiting Art Galleries – also taking part in art trips abroad.
What do I need in order to do well?
·         A genuine interest in the subject and a desire to improve your skills.
·         An ability to work on your own and in groups to develop and evaluate your ideas and to do research.
·         Interest in a subject that uses a lot of different resources, e.g. art books, photographs, the internet, art galleries etc.
·         An open mind. You will be shown various ways of working and given the opportunity to expand your ideas in every possible way.
What kind of grade could I get?
Everyone has the opportunity to get a GCSE grade. This could range from A*-G. The course is made up of:
·         60% Course work
·         40% Final examination (10 hour exam and sketchbook preparation studies)
What could I do with this qualification?
Sixth Form:   AS or A level Art and Design, AS or A level Textiles, AS Photography.
Careers:         Fine Art, Graphics, Animation and Film, Fashion and Textile Designer, three-dimensional Design, Arts Administration, Community Arts, Art Therapy etc. Teaching from nursery to degree level, Photography.