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Key Stage 3

Students’ progress and adaptation to secondary school are closely monitored across all subjects during Year 7 and this monitoring, information gleaned from their primary schools and testing for reading ability all contribute to setting of students in most subjects.  However, we have robust and regular monitoring of progress and consequently students can and do change sets as appropriate to maximise their progress.

There is a weekly rolling programme where students in all year groups receive a Citizenship education taught by their form tutor. Its aims are academic, social and personal and include:

  • Supporting the academic curriculum through the development of study and work place skills
  • Successfully inducting the students into critical stages of their social careers
  • Developing a caring and tolerant attitude to others and the community
  • Encouraging the growth of personal identity through a programme of activities which will increase self-awareness and promote self esteem


Students follow a broad and balanced curriculum based on the national curriculum and study Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, RE, Art, Technology, ICT, PE, Drama, French, Dance, Music and Citizenship in 25 one hour lessons per week as part of a two week cycle. Students receive effort grades, National Curriculum levels in Year 9 and assessment against a new Flight Path model of assessment in Year 7 and 8.  All students receive GCSE target grades based on their KS2 assessment scores and assessments evaluates their progress three times a year in the autumn, spring and summer terms.  In Year 9 students begin GCSE Mathematics course, and GCSE full course RS.