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Covid-19 School Closure Information

General information for students and parents

As you are aware school will close from Friday 20th March for the foreseeable future. We have put together a package of information to ensure all students can continue to study during this forced closure.

All students can access their daily timetable via Show My Homework and Google Classroom.  They have attended assemblies prior to the closure and have been briefed on this. 

If you have any concerns you can contact the relevant Year group Assistant Head whose details can be found on our contact details page below. 

We ask that our Year 11/13 pupils continue to work even though the GCSE / A Level examinations will not be taking place.  All students and parents will be able to access the following which will aid study for future courses despite the exams not taking place:

  1. Contact details
  2. Study Tips
  3. Revision websites
  4. Access to past papers
  5. The Year Ahead 2019-20 document
  6. Subject Content and Assessment plans (showing what would be taught and when)
  7. Year 11 GCSE Exams information letter - Monday 23rd March 2020
  8. Year 13 A Level Exams information Letter - Monday 23rd March 2020
  9. Frequently Asked Questions - Monday 23rd March 2020
  10. Year 12 Letter - Tuesday 24th March 2020
  11. Self Isolating & Wellbeing - Wednesday 25th March 2020
  12. Parents Letter from the Headteacher Regarding School Work Year 7/8/9/10 - Wednesday 25th March 2020
  13. A Parents' Guide to Coping with School Closure - Wednesday 25th March 2020
  14. Bishopshalt School Daily Challenge - Friday 27th March 
  15. London Borough of Hillingdon - Psychology Service Letter - Friday 27th March 
  16.  Safeguarding during school closure - Tuesday 31st March 2020

If there are any queries please could I direct you to the Contact details sheet where you will find information on how to contact the relevant staff members.

Your teachers’ will continue to set you work for every lesson via SMHW and google classroom.  All students are expected to follow their normal school timetable whilst at home.