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Arrangements for the Start of Term January 2021

Important Information Regarding January Term 

Dear Parent/Caregiver,

I write to you today with the following points:

If your child develops CoronaVirus symptoms today or tomorrow, and then tests positive for CoronaVirus can you please email sending a screenshot of the positive test as soon as possible.  The school will then conduct a track and trace operation and inform all students who have been in close contact with the student and also provide isolation guidance.  When we return next term, please be reminded that if a member of your household has symptoms, you must ensure that they get a test, and you do not send your children to school until the results are received and it is safe to do so. 

As you will have seen from last night's news,  schools are going to be expected to conduct CoronaVirus testing from January.  At this point in time we are still not clear on the detail and have had limited information regarding logistics and protocols.  We are aware that rather than tracking and tracing and then isolating students, for those students who have been identified as being in close contact with a positive case we will be able to daily test these students.   This is a positive in that we will be able to keep more students in school when we do have cases.  However it is going to be a logistical operation that Bishopshalt needs to ensure we get right and we are currently planning for this. 

In order for the school to prepare, and ensure staff are trained and tested where necessary, the following adjustments will be made to the start of next term.

Year 11 and 13 attend school on Monday the 4th of January, starting with Period 3. 

  • Year 11 are to arrive between 11am and 11.10am
  • Year 13 are to arrive between 11.10am and 11.20am

Year 7, 8, 9 10 and 12 will remain at home and have remote learning throughout the first week.  Students will follow their school timetable.  These lessons will also start at 11am with a virtual assembly.  The rest of the week will follow the timetable below.

Tutor Time or virtual assembly






8.50 - 9.15

9.25 - 10.10

10.20 - 11.05


12.45 - 1.35

2.30 - 3.20

For children of Key Workers, the school will remain open.  If you require a key worker place for your child please email by the Wednesday 23rd December.  However like the rest of the school, Key Worker places will begin Period 3 on Monday 4th January, with students arriving from 10.45am via the South gate.

If we need to provide you any further information we will inform you by Sunday 3rd January 2021.

Yours sincerely 

L McGillicuddy (Mr)