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Important Information - Headteacher's Updates

Updated Information - Monday 25th January 2021

Monday 25th January 2021

Dear Parents & Carers 

Firstly, thank you for your continued support and cooperation with Bishopshalt in the provision of our remote education. We are very proud as a school of the amazing effort and commitment that our students are displaying.  They are truly building character, and this would not be possible if it weren't for the support of parents and carers. 

Your view is exceptionally important to us, and we would therefore appreciate you taking 5 minutes to fill in this short survey to help us continually review and refine our current provision.  

Secondly, can we please ensure that your child is not sharing any of their own personal details, for example School Google Log-ins, with anyone else.  This is something that we have been alerted to, which is occurring across the country, fueld by 'Tik-tok' challenges.  Can we please ask for your continued support in keeping your children safe online, but also ensuring that Bishopshalt lessons remain as focused and productive as possible. 

Thirdly, can I remind parents of the following events

  •  Year 9 Options information and videos will be released on the school Website on Monday 8th February 2021.  Ms Berry, Assistant Headteacher - Director of Studies for Year 9 and Mrs Emerson, Head of Year 9, will then send all Year 9 students a Google link to complete their option choices.
  •  Year 11 Parents Evening is on Thursday 11th February.  This will be a virtual event and it will run from 3.45pm and 6.45pm via the  Further details to follow. 
  •  Friday the 12th of February is a staff training day and there will be no lessons delivered.

Finally, please may I ask parents and carers to refrain from emailing teachers and staff over the weekend.  Bishopshalt staff have been working exceptionally hard, and also managing their own challenges throughout this difficult time.  I want Bishopshalt staff to be able to refresh and recharge over the weekend to ensure that they are able to deliver fantastic lessons throughout the week.  I have therefore asked them not to check emails over the weekend, and your cooperation in this is appreciated. 

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation,

Yours sincerely 

Mr McGillicuddy


Monday 11th January 

Dear Parents & Carers

Thank you for all of your support and cooperation over the last week in ensuring that your child has attended their virtual lessons.  We are very proud of the fact that all of our students are receiving a full curriculum virtually, and we will continue to look to improve our provision as the current situation evolves.  We will continue to track attendance, behaviour and effort to online learning and will communicate with you as necessary, and will be introducing clubs and other activities in the weeks ahead.  

We understand that at times there can be technical difficulties at home where you need school support.  We have set up an email address,, that your child can email if they require any assistance throughout the school day.

Parents, please be mindful of the amount of time your child is spending in front of their internet device.  We have purposefully built time into the school day for students to get a break from 'screen time', and your support in ensuring that they also get time away from the screen is appreciated.  We have also seen over the last week times where 'Google' itself has been slow, please be patient when this does occur.  

Here are two links that we do hope you find helpful.  The first is from Amazon that provides free online resources.  The second is which helps families get more data for their children to access on-line learning.

I am pleased to report that Bishopshalt began Lateral Flow testing on site last week.  Staff and students have all been tested, and we will continue to offer this as the weeks progress. 

As an amendment to the calendar the Year 9 Parents' Evening will take place on Thursday 21st January via the BishopshaltSchoolCloud, details of which can be found on this link .   Year 9 parents will also be aware the Year 9 Options Evening was also scheduled to take place this half term; this will now be available virtually and will be 'live' and on the website during the last week of the half term. We suggest that for the Parents' Evening you prioritise appointments of subjects your child wishes to study at GCSE.

Thank you for your continued cooperation,

Yours sincerely 

Mr McGillicuddy


Tuesday 5th January 

Letter to Year 11/12 & 13 Parents Regarding Public Exams 


Monday 4th January

Dear Parents & Carers

As you will be aware from the Prime Minister's announcement this evening, all schools will now close to students, with the exception of Key Worker/Vulnerable students.  If your child is within this category and you have not yet secured a place but you wish to send them into school, please contact Key Worker/Vulnerable Student Place and we will contact you to advise you of the arrangements.

For those students who remain at home, we would like to remind you that students need to be logged into Google Classroom for 9:00am each day, for either Form Time or Assembly, the Form Tutor/Head of Year will send a link out for students to join.  Students will then follow their curriculum timetable each day, with teaching staff providing lessons.  Please note that any non-attendance to lessons will be followed up bu a telephone call from our staff and the Behaviour for Learning policy also still applies; we expect the same level of engagement and behaviour as we would if the students were in school.

We appreciate that our Year 11 and 13 students will be as disappointed as we are that the Public Exams will not take place in the summer term and we will be speaking to them all in assemblies tomorrow to advise them of what will take place and how we will support them.

We will continue to update you with further information as and when we receive it and in the meantime we ask that you continue to support the school by ensuring your children are accessing the on-line curriculum on a daily basis and by regularly checking this page for up to date information. 

As always, we thank you for your continued support. 

L McGillicuddy, Headteacher






Thursday 31st December 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

As you are aware the Government has delayed the return of students to Secondary schools.  As it currently stands, we anticipate that Year 11 and 13 students will return from Monday 11th January 2021, and other Year groups will return from Monday 18th January 2021.  Whilst the students are not in school, all lessons will be delivered live by teachers via Google Classroom.  Students will access their Live Lessons through their School Google account, and Google Meet. 

Whilst the students remain at home, the school will continue to take registers and inform parents of any issues.  Students will continue following the curriculum, and it will be recorded if there are any IT issues at home.  Lessons will be slightly shorter to allow students a ‘virtual’ changeover.  This will help ensure there is a sensible approach to the amount of time that students spend in front of a computer screen.  

I remind you that during live lessons we hold the same high expectations of effort and behaviour, and students' cameras must be switched off.   Students must be ready to learn and have all necessary equipment for the lesson.  Please communicate with your child’s relevant Head of Year if there are any issues that the school may be able to help with, and we will do our best to support.

Year 7 has not had the same experience as older students with Google Classroom.   It is very intuitive once logged in, and we ensured that all Year 7 students have logged into their Google account.  Students must be ready to learn and have all necessary equipment for the lesson. If there are any issues can your child please email Mr Jones, and Mrs Denial, before 10.30am on Monday 4th January 2021.

The student’s week will start on Monday 4th January, with a Virtual Assembly at 11am, followed by Lesson 3.

The timing of each day from Tuesday 5th of January is as follows.

Tutor Time






8.50 - 9.15

9.25 - 10.10


10.20 - 11.05




12.45 - 1.35


2.30 - 3.20


BTEC / CTEC and Trial Examinations

For students in Year 11 and the Sixth Form who have external exams next week, these will continue.  We will communicate these arrangements directly with you on Monday 4th January. The Year 12 Trial Exams, due to start on the 4th January, will continue but be delayed until the week beginning the Monday 18th January.

Rapid asymptomatic testing for Coranavirus (COVID-19)

We will update parents and carers in the early next week about the school’s work in relation to asymptomatic testing using lateral flow tests. 

Free School Meals and Key Worker Children

Thank you to the parents that responded to my previous communication around children of Key Workers.  Please ensure that if you are a Key Worker, and you haven't requested a place, you do so before 12pm on Friday the 1st January to enable the school to prepare.

Students from Key Worker families or key groups who are attending school and are entitled to Free School Meals will be able to access their lunch on site in the usual way.  For students entitled to Free School Meals who will not be attending school, we will contact you directly on Monday 4th January to inform you of details regarding Free School Meal provision. 

We will continue to receive information and guidance in the coming days; therefore, I will write to you again next week with further information on a number of matters.       

Finally, I thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.

Yours sincerely

L McGillicuddy (Mr)