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Art and Design - Textiles






Art and Design Textiles Mrs Christou AQA A level

Course Entrance Requirements

Whilst a GCSE grade of 9-4 in Textiles is a requirement of entry onto this course, any student demonstrating artistic ability, coupled with genuine interest and commitment, will be considered.  Students who have not studied Textiles at GCSE level will need to submit a comprehensive portfolio to the Head of Textiles for consideration.

Special Requirements

Students will be required to source sketch books, mount boards, photographs and unusual materials and threads that are not stocked in the Textiles Department.  Access to a sewing machine at home is ideal for completing coursework.

Course Aims

The AQA exam board specification introduces students to a variety of experiences that explore a range of textile media processes and techniques.  Students explore drawing using mixed medium.  The work is presented in sketchbooks and display boards.  Students respond to their chosen theme, incorporating relevant images and relating to the work of other drafts people which inspire them and, in turn, they interpret their findings in a unique and aesthetic way.

Students will be made aware of the 4 assessment objectives which they fulfil and forms the marking criteria.  The area of study for A level Textiles will be a personal investigation.  The topic is intentionally broad and gives the student flexibility and scope.  Final outcomes will be created to represent each of the coursework topics as well as the response to the set examination assignment. 

Course Content and Assessments

A level Textiles is a two year course with the final assessment taking place at the end of the final year.  At A level candidates will have two years to gain knowledge, understanding and develop skills. 


A level

Component 1

A personal investigation

Non-exam assessment, set and marked by the centre and moderated by AQA during a visit to the centre. Comprising of a personal study presented in a sketchbook.

60% of final grade

Component 2

An externally-set assignment

Exam papers issued from February.

Student response to a set examination comprising of 15 hours supervised time over 3 days.

40% of final grade

Progression and Careers

Textiles A level is ideal if you are thinking of applying for an Arts Foundation Course, a creative Degree Course or a career that requires “thinking outside of the box”.

Exam Board


Contact Name

For further information, please see Mrs Christou – Teacher in Charge of Textiles or Miss Hennessy - Teacher of Textiles.