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Computer / ICT


The ICT Department operates in three well appointed computer rooms. Each room has more than 30 flat screen computers providing access to a range of software as well as the Internet.

Most of the software used and taught, is industry standard. This means that our pupils have more transferable skills and knowledge for home, further education and the workplace than those using more economical, less standardised software.

The majority of the business applications are Microsoft, including:

·         Word

·         Excel

·         PowerPoint

·         Publisher

·         Access

Whereas the media, website and presentation software is mostly Adobe and includes:

·         Photoshop

·         Dreamweaver

·         Flash

·         Fireworks

·         Premiere Pro

In addition we have the Internet and other more specialised software applications and items of hardware for control systems and other aspects.

All lessons are provided by experienced and qualified ICT specialist teaching staff.



Mr K Parmar - Head of Department

Mr D Price - KS4 Co-ordinator

Ms L Plummer - ICT Teacher



The ICT department has been using the Moodle virtual learning environment (VLE) for some time now and it has subsequently been adopted by most departments within the school.

The ICT department and others have found this to be an invaluable resource for:

  • Sharing resources within the department
  • Sharing resources intra-departmentally
  • Sharing resources with pupils.
  • Giving the pupils an area in which to efficiently and reliably back-up their work.
  • Giving the pupils the option to submit work electronically (reducing the amount of paperwork to carry etc.)
  • Monitoring achievement.
  • Pupils being able to self-assess, particularly with regard to KS3 levels and KS4 & KS5 criteria.
  • Massively reducing reprographics costs.

Moodle is accessible anywhere with an Internet connection by pupils and staff alike. This means that when a pupil is absent, if they have an Internet connection, they usually have the opportunity to find the work and resources they would have been using in the lesson, minimising the disruption to their learning.

Moodle can also be used to give near instantaneous feedback to both the teacher and pupil.

The image below has a link that provides access to the Bishopshalt Moodle site.

Extra Curricular Activities

Pupils have access to computer rooms at lunchtimes and after school, as well as having access to a suite of computers in the Learning Resource Centre (library). The focus of after school sessions is to support pupils in their coursework and an ICT specialist teacher is on hand to support them.

Internet Safety and Security