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Cucina Resturants - January 2020

Catering forms a key part of our School and we recently took the decision to review our catering arrangements. Over the past few weeks we have gone through a competitive tender process with the objective of seeking a catering contractor who can work with the School to ensure that the catering offer provided meets the needs and requirements of the entire school. I am pleased to announce that we have appointed a new catering contractor, Cucina Restaurants and they will take responsibility for operating the restaurant at Bishophalt School from Monday 6th January. We are confident that Cucina will bring an enhanced and much improved food offer to all the students, staff and visitors here at Bishophalt.  

We will continue to operate a cashless system and would encourage you to ensure that cashless accounts have available funds in preparation for the first day back, as Cucina offer a variety of choices on a daily basis, as well as a breakfast, break, lunch and after school food offer. One of our key objectives for appointing a new caterer was to improve the provision of our school meals and indeed the quality of lunches for those students entitled to a free school lunch.  

Cucina's approach to free school meals was very attractive to us but it does require a move away from the way we used to do things.  Historically your child was able to take their allowance and choose items from the menu up to the value of £2.80.  We found that some students were using this allowance to purchase "tuck" style items such as cakes, bagged snacks and drinks. The FSM allowance was not actively managed and students had the freedom to choose their food/ snacks as long as they did not exceed their daily allowance.

Here at Bishophalt School we would like to ensure that every child has the opportunity to have a substantial and balanced meal, which is where Cucina's approach is quite different.  

Cucina operate a FSM Policy which entitles all FSM students to choose any 2 items from the core menu at lunchtime. The students are encouraged to select a balanced meal and to  purchase both items in one transaction, at the same time.  They will not be allowed to purchase two cakes or two drinks etc.  For example these are just some of the combinations available:

  • A main meal of the day and hot or chilled dessert
  • A large pasta or noodle pot plus a fruit pot
  • A freshly made baguette served with homemade soup
  • A hot snack such as a freshly baked panini and fresh yoghurt or fruit pot

Hydration stations are available in the restaurant but if your child prefers to have a drink from the chiller then they can substitute the dessert for a drink (excluding Hydra Juice).  Your child should not worry if they go over £2.80. Any overspend on free school meals will not be deducted from their personal purse unless they choose to have a third item which will be charged in the normal way. The two items can be chosen irrelevant of tariff. 

Please can I ask you to discuss this with you child over the Christmas holiday so that they are clear on what is available to them at the start of next Term. Should you have any questions then please contact Mrs Karia  at the school for further clarity.

The breakfast, break and lunch service timings will remain unchanged but Cucina will also be offering an after school service to students until 3.35 pm.

If your child has any food allergies or intolerances and requires assistance in making their meal choice we invite him/her to speak directly with the Executive Chef serving on the counter.