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Curriculum Overview

Brief Overview of the Qualifications

New Linear A levels

AS level: This is a standalone qualification independent of an A level and is not offered at Bishopshalt. It is normally sat at the end of Year 12.  It does not count towards a full A level.

‘Full’ A level: This is a two-year linear course with all assessments at the end of Year 13.  They replaced all A2 levels in 2017.  Grades A*-E represent a pass at A level.

Other Level 3 Qualifications (BTECs, CTECs and WJEC): Students can opt for a variety of vocational courses including Diplomas (worth 2 A level equivalents) in Business or Health and Social Care, alongside one other course.  Assessment is mainly through assignments or portfolios with fewer exams.  The benefit of the these courses is that it allows students to ‘apply’ their knowledge to a range of situations using personal experiences and assessments and have more variety than exams.  Other Level 3 courses include Criminology, Sport, Law and Performing Arts.

Typical Programme of Study

Level 3 Programme of Study

Most students study three Level 3 qualifications.

Some students study for the AS level Extended Project.

All students engage in enrichment activities over 2 years.

Some students retake GCSE English Language and Maths.

All students attend tutor time programmes, assemblies and tutorials