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Fiction Books

The L.R.C. has a large selection of fiction books (approximately 3000).

  •  The fiction books are arranged on the shelves around the outside walls of the LRC in alphabetical order by the surname of the author. If two authors have the same surname, they are put in order by their first name; e.g. Andre Norton would come before Mary Norton. 
  • The fiction books are colour coded to help students select novels relevant to their interests. A chart on the display board just inside the LRC doors gives details of the colour coding system. Books with a more adult theme and those which are more difficult reads are marked with a yellow dot. These books are more suitable for pupils in years 9 and above. 
  • Also in the fiction area, are sections which contain poetry books, storybooks, picture books and quick reads.  This area also contains a Boys' Fiction section where boys are guaranteed to find a selection of books that will appeal to them. However, there are also books in the main fiction area which boys may enjoy, and girls, too, are welcome to select books from the Boys' Fiction section. 
  • New and recommended fiction books are displayed on sloping shelves just inside the LRC door.