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Our team of committee members has shrunk dramatically over the past two years due to students leaving the school to go on to higher education – and taking their parents with them! Our social evenings have ground to a halt and the remaining BSPA team are looking decidedly tatty and worn. Everyone who has a child at Bishopshalt is welcome to join the Parents’ Association and if you would like to join our committee please look out for the meeting dates, we usually meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm.

Can you help out in any of the following area’s please:


We need a coordinator to organise the purchasing of stock (crisps, sweets, canned drinks, juice and water etc.) plus a team of volunteers to help set up, serve and put away the refreshments for each school event that we support. With enough people this can be as little as one or two hours a month and can be a fun friendly evening during the big shows.


We used to have a family quiz night, salsa dancing and the occasional race night at least once a term -  open to ALL parents and guardians associated with the school, but we no longer have the team members to organise these. We need an enthusiastic coordinator plus a team of volunteers to help plan, set up, and run a few social events. With a small entry fee and a raffle this is an excellent fund raiser as well as a fun evening and increases the presence of the BSPA in the school.


After a couple of weeks/months of their children reaching secondary school, nearly all of our parents discover a life outside of school runs and standing at the school gates! As a result, unlike primary school, it gets increasingly difficult to reach out effectively and reliably to parents. The opportunity to invite them to our social events and inform them fundraising ideas become limited and we need a team of creative minds plus a coordinator to help overcome these barriers.

Contact details

For more information please leave a message for us with the School Pupils Office (01895 233909) or send us an email directly to