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Auditions will take place on Friday 7th September at 3.30pm in the main hall. The various audition materials you need are shown below. if you have any queries regards the auditions please contact:

Dance Auditions - you need to be prepared to attempt both of these dance pieces, you will not be asked to dance by yourself.







Acting Audition material - these short scenes should be learnt off by heart for the audition day please. Please perform them as the character you are hoping to be, not necessarily the one listed in the script.

Female Acting Audition material

Male Acting Audition material

Music Auditions materials:  girls wishing to be any of the female leads should prepare Elle's music audition and perform it in their character. Any male characters should prepare either Emmett or Warner's music audition material and perform in their chosen character.



Warner and Elle

Delta Nu Girls


You can hear the London cast recording on Youtube, see link below. 

Legally Blonde London Cast Recording

Below you can find the mp3 backing track versions of all the music audition pieces to rehearse with, they have been cut to fit the audition music you have been given.