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Numeracy is everywhere. From telling the time, to buying food or checking who won in the latest football game - numeracy is all around us and you cannot function without it. At Bishopshalt, we believe every teacher is a teacher of numeracy to ensure our students leave as individuals who can function in everyday life.

At Bishopshalt we inspire all pupils to get involved with numeracy both in and out the classroom. Whether it be our Key Stage 3 Numeracy Leaders that support in the classroom or the whole school Charity 'Number Days' where pupils dress up as a number for charity (which made the local news!) - there are opportunities for all.

This year we are excited to host a numeracy Fantasy Football competition which has inspired over 100 pupils, forms and teachers to get involved. From selecting your team on a budget, checking the percentages to determine the strongest players or simply avoiding the negative numbers in your weekly points it provides an exciting way to see numeracy in action and connect the whole school.