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Top Tips on Choosing Your Options

Most pupils have no idea at 13 or 14 as to what career they will choose when 16, 18 or 21. HOWEVER, you should realise that the choices you make in Year 9 will in many cases affect the choices you make at 16, 18 or 21;
  •  by the closure of certain doors
  •  by the setting of patterns of interest
  • keep subjects that you enjoy and are interested in
  • do not drop subjects that you are good at
  • do not drop subjects which will be required for the type or work in which you are interested
If, however, as is likely, you do not know what your career will be you would be well advised to keep all doors open by selecting a well-balanced group of subjects.
  • choose the teacher.  The teacher you have this year may not be one you will have in Years 10 and 11
  • choose what your friends choose.  If you spend the next two years talking to your friends in lessons you will not do very well academically and anyway you may not be taught in the same group as your friends
  • choose new subjects just because they are new
  • use the Options Book to find out about the subjects which you are interested in and the nature of the examination
  • find out your ability in the different subjects
  • realise that some subjects make more demands on your memory and time than others and a combination of these subjects will give you a heavy workload
Note: This is a set of guidelines NOT a rigid set of rules; most of it is merely common sense.



Key Dates for the Options Process

  • Initial Introduction to Options Process, during Learning for Life 
    • Thursday 28th February 2019
  • Year 9 Options Fair - presentation to parents
    • Tuesday 5th March 2019 in the Main Hall at 7:00pm
  • Year 9 Parents Evening 
    • Thursday 28th March 2019 from 5:30pm
  • Options Form to be handed in by
    • Monday 1st April 2019


IF YOU ARE AGED 14 - 19 AND THINKING ABOUT YOUR COURSE OPTIONS there is independent advice available at:

"Which way now" - advice provided by an independent Careers Management company.  This link provides information for pupils in Year 9 to assist with their option choices in Key Stage 4.
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