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Here at Bishopshalt, we recognise that integral to all our core values is the development of good oracy, that is learning to talk and talking to learn. The concept of ‘VOICE’ sets the expectation for oracy skills for our students.

V - Vocabulary and structure:  Students use subject specialist terms and a variety of openers and connectives to engage the listener.  Speaking in full sentences, our students think about how they structure their ideas for best effect and in accordance with subject specific lines of reasoning and logic.  

O - Open minded listening: Our students listen carefully to the other speaker and without making prejudiced or stereotyped assumptions.  We may agree to disagree but we will not belittle or denigrate the views of others.  

I - Ideal body language: Given that approximately 70% of a message is dependent on body language, students are mindful of how body language is used to enhance communication.

C - Clarity of speech: Students speak at an appropriate volume, enunciate their words fully, use a varying tone and suitable pace so that ideas are conveyed clearly and effectively. 

E - Everybody equal:  Our students recognise the importance of turn taking and timing in verbal communication.  All students make a contribution to discussion activities however small.