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Performing Arts - Music Technology - BTEC Level 3 Foundation Diploma








Performing Arts Music Technology - BTEC Level 3 Founcation Diploma Mrs Magee Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Foundation Diploma


This is an ideal course for a student who is interested in following a career in Music or Music Technology, but for whom A level Music may not appeal.  It explores the world of commercial and media music through a variety of practical coursework based tasks.

It is a linear course and is the equivalent to one A level but it is possible to gain credit for an extra half an A level if you complete an optional unit. This will depend on student’s own interests within the field.

Course Entry Requirement 

GCSE Music would be preferred, but may not be necessary and BTEC Music Level 2 would also be acceptable.  A meeting with one of our music staff is required prior to acceptance onto the course.

Course Content/Aims

First Year



Studio Recording Techniques

Explore the equipment and processes used for multitrack recording in the studio.

Produce a multi-track recording of a popular track.

Mixing and Mastering Techniques

This unit will run alongside the Studio Recording Techniques.  You will need to:

A - Understand mixing and mastering software techniques;

B - Develop a mix down of a multitrack project;

C - Carry out the production of a mastered stereo audio file.

Music and Sound for Media

Understand the use of music and sound in media products today.

You will develop sound for use in media products and also develop a piece of music for media products.

Music Technology in Context

This unit is in two parts.  Set by the exam board.

Part A - Research a classic pop/rock album/song in its context.

Part B - Write an article for a fictional magazine about the track – answering the question set by the board.

Second Year



Music Technology Enterprise Opportunities

(Written content set by the exam board in the second year of study).

Part A – Resources and costings plan – exploring appropriate equipment, planning, costing and budgeting.

Part B – Business Plan – create a business plan/model to fit the given brief.  Use the findings of part A.

Part C – Dragons Den style pitch – a summary of the two previous sections explaining how you would use the funding and the business venture you are planning.  Video evidence.

Remixing and Reworking

In this unit you will:

A - Understand a variety of remixing techniques;

B - Explore, by developing and reviewing, remixing styles and production techniques;

C - Carry out a remix using audio and MIDI sequencing techniques.

Commercial Music Production

In this unit you will:

A - Explore the creation of commercially successful music;

B - Create a finished commercial music product;

C - Review the production processes used in the creation of commercially successful music.


This course would allow a student the opportunity to go on to study Music/Music Technology or a Creative Media style degree course at university.  It would also be ideal for someone who is looking to go straight into the music industry or the media, via an apprenticeship route as by the end of the course you will have a personal portfolio that could be presented to employers.

Exam Board



Mrs Magee

NB: Please note this is a different course to ‘Music A level’ and you must specify which one you are applying for on your options form.  You may study both Music A level and the Diploma in Music Technology.