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Performing Arts - Theatre Studies






Performing Arts Theatre Studies Mrs Burman WJEC Eduqas A level


This course is an in depth study of all aspects of theatre.  You will practically explore how theatre is made, and learn a range of techniques that actors and directors use to bring dramatic works to life.  You will study, interpret and perform the work of well-known playwrights, while developing a critical appreciation for live productions. 

Course Entry Requirements

GCSE Drama is a very desirable qualification, but anyone with a passion for theatre would be welcome.  A 6 grade at GCSE English Literature is also very desirable.  The nature of the course requires students to work independently with their peers; therefore high levels of motivation and attendance are essential.

Content and Likely Assessment

We expect students to study for the full 2 year A level and all 3 components will be explored across the 2 years of the course.


The course is divided into the following 3 components:



Component Name

Mode of Assessment

Weight of Component


Theatre Workshop

Creative log and performance



Text in Action

2 performances and a process and evaluation report



Text in Performance

Written exam



Details of Components





Theatre Workshop

This is assessed in two parts.  Firstly, Learners are required to create a piece of theatre based on an extract from a text, using the techniques and working methods of either an influential theatre practitioner or a recognised theatre company.  The second assessment is in the form of a written creative process log.




Text In Action

This component requires learners to engage with a stimulus to create 2 pieces of live theatre: 1 devised piece using the working methods and techniques of either an influential theatre practitioner or a recognised theatre company and 1 extract from a text in a different style to the devised piece.  Learners will also write 1 process and evaluation report on both pieces.



Text in Performance

A formal written examination where learners are required to study 2 complete texts and 1 extract from a third contrasting text to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills in interpreting texts for performance.

Progression and Careers

This course would be beneficial to any student who is looking to develop their cultural horizons, their communication skills and their confidence; essential to ALL fields of employment.  It would be of particular interest for students looking for careers in the Performing Arts, Television, Broadcasting, Advertising and Journalism.

Exam Board

WJEC Eduqas

Contact Name

For further information, please see Mrs Burman - Head of Drama.