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Social Science - Media Studies







Social Science Media Studies Miss Rana AQA A level


We live in a world where we are constantly exposed to the media.  Media Studies is designed to help students make sense of the media.  Media Studies is a well-established and popular subject at Bishopshalt.  The grades in the Media Studies A level have consistently been above the national average.

Entry Requirements

In order to study A level Media, students will be expected to have a 5 (B) grade or higher in GCSE English, be proficient in their use of ICT or achieve a B grade or higher in GCSE Media Studies.

Course Aims

The aims of Media Studies are as follows:-

  • To understand and analyse media products, practices, institutions, representations, media language, audiences, values and ideologies, genres and narrative;
  • To develop practical skills and a critical understanding of the processes involved in producing media products;
  • To develop independent thinking skills by using critical media theory and analysing media debates.

Course Content and Scheme of Assessment


Level of




Weighting of A level

Paper 1

A level

Exam - focus on media  issues and debates

2 hours


Paper 2

A level

Exam - analysis of media products

2 hours



A level

Non-exam assessment creating a cross media production



Course Structure

A level Media Studies will cover audio-visual/on-line and print forms.  The non-exam assessment (NEA) at A level will involve a practical production using media technology.


The A level will analyse media products in relation to four areas: Media Language, Media Representation, Media Industries and Media Audiences. 

Progression and Careers

Media Studies is a very useful subject for a student who intends to enter a career where dealing with the Media is a regular occurrence, for example, marketing, public relations and journalism.

Students will also be able to study Media Studies/the arts and humanities at university for their degree.

Exam Board

AQA specification 7572

Contact Name

For further information, please see Miss Rana, Media Studies Co-ordinator.