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The Dining Hall


BREAKFAST         8am - 8.30am

TUCK SHOP          11.10am - 11.25am

LUNCH                   12.30pm - 1.10pm

We offer a wide variety of foods, daily specials and our daily menu. 

Our Daily Menu



Cereal/Cereal Bars/Toast/Bagels/Croissants/Bacon Baguettes

Fruit and Fruit Bags


Salad Bar

We offer a wide selection of salad items including cheese, tuna, sardines, egg, ham, chicken and beef served with a large bread roll (£1.80).


We have a large selection of bread (granary, wholemeal, poppy seed or garlic)

Sandwiches are available daily as follows:

  • Filled rolls - salad & cheese, egg, tuna, chicken, ham and beef           £1.50

  • Wraps - salad & chicken                                                                                £1.80

  • Fresh Soup and a Roll                                                                                    £1.50

Pasta King

We serve a daily pasta dish with a choice of at least two sauces (including vegetarian) (£1.80)

Jacket Potatoes

Available daily with the following fillings (£1.80)

  • cheese & coleslaw

  • tuna & sweetcorn

  • beans & cheese

  • cottage cheese

Drinks (80p - £1)

  • Fresh water available on the dining room table                                        free

  • Bottled/Carton 100% pure juice - apple & orange                                    80p -  £1

  • Bottled water                                                                                                     £1

  • Tea, coffee, hot chocolate                                                                                80p

Fruit (60p)

  • "Fruit Bowl" selection of fruit - apple, orange, kiwi, banana, pears         70p

  • Fruit bags - apple/grapes                                                                                  80p

  • Fresh fruit portions - pineapple/melon/strawberries                                70p

  • Mixed fruit flavoured yoghurt                                                                          80p


One of the five key outcomes for children described in the government's Green Paper, "Every Child Matters", published in September 2003, is "Learning to be healthy", which includes "... the importance of eating sensibly .."

Bishopshalt aims to promote the health and well-being of pupils by ensuring that all aspects of School food and nutrition meet current standards and that the curriculum addresses the above, required outcome.

The School Catering Department has been awarded the following in recognition of the high quality service they provide and will ensure that such standards are maintained and, where possible, improved upon in the future.

  • Healthy Eating Excellence Award (June 2007)
  • Food Standards Agency Food Hygiene Award 5 Stars (Very Good) December 2015.

The Hillingdon, Food in Schools team reviewed the School's catering provision in July 2010 and reported that they were impressed at the food on offer and that there was excellent evidence of nutritional anaysis (against the government school food guidelines).