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UCAS and University Applications

University Entrance

We take great pride in our university application process with more students than ever before obtaining offers from the top universities in the UK and abroad. It is no accident that Bishopshalt students get into some of the top performing universities. Mr Harris has over 15 years experience advising students on a range of courses and universities and our tutors take great pride guiding their tutees into some of the most demanding courses at the most demanding universities. Students have access to the careers library and the expertise of Mrs Vodden, our Careers Consultant, who is on hand to support applications for Summer Schools, Open Days as well as Medical & Law Taster Days.

University support and guidance starts as soon as a student arrives for their Sixth Form meeting with a Senior member of staff as we are able to advise and guide as to the most suitable program of study to match your aspiration as a student. We can advise on appropriate courses of study that will improve your future prospects. Students are given expert guidance by university admissions tutors about effective Personal Statement writing during our Universities Admissions course in Year 12 and our tutors have honed their reference writing over many years and write references that are transparent and truly reflect a student’s personal qualities because they know them so well.

Students are encouraged to apply for Oxford or Cambridge if we see potential. Our students have participated in the Eton Summer School, attend the Peterhouse Residential scheme at Cambridge and UNIQ scheme at Oxford. Students aspiring to Oxford or Cambridge participate in the Oxbridge Interview Preparation days as well as visits to the universities and a full day of seminars to increase their chances of success. Medics can partake in the Imperial College Vision Conference and Eton Medical Insight Day Taster Days and application interview preparation days, giving them the best chance possible of obtaining places at Medical School.

Equally, we support students to apply for the Kings College K+ scheme.  This is for students who show good academic potential but come from underprivileged backgrounds.  We are part of the Social Mobility Foundation ‘Aspiring Professionals’ Scheme and help Sixth Formers gain access to the Sutton Trust Summer School residential both in the UK and recently in the US.

As a team, we endeavour to support aspiring medics and health practitioners to gain as much relevant work experience as possible through our internal network of contacts (i.e. Assisted Shop for the elderly/ nursery links/ Mental Health workshop/ community links with health promotion team/ links with charities for children with disabilities/ links with a hospital consultant in A&E and Junior Doctors who have enabled students to have work shadowing for clinical understanding).

We have expertise on Russell Group universities and can advise whether it is appropriate to study the so called facilitating subjects in order to impress Admissions Tutors. Our view is that a balance is the way forward; passion for the subject is critical in success. The so called facilitating subjects, commended by many, are not necessarily the panacea for entry to the Russell Group of Universities and we urge caution when choosing your A levels. Seek advice, contact universities and talk to your teachers but remember, facilitating subjects are no guarantee of entry. Good A level grades in relevant subjects are more important.

Universities expect students to study a minimum two full A2 levels or equivalents.  As entrance to the top universities becomes increasingly competitive, many admissions tutors expect the most able students to study four A2 levels over two years.  Universities base their selection on a number of factors including GCSE grades, AS module grades as well as the final A2 grades.  It is worth checking university entrance requirements on specific courses, especially if you have a career in mind to ensure that you are studying the right combination of subjects.