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University or Employment/Apprenticeship

Students will undertake a range of activities to help them apply to university and/or to gain employment:

All students will start to complete the UCAS ‘Apply’ online application and their Personal Statement during the Summer Term Year 12. In Year 13 students complete the university application process early in the Autumn Term. There is advice and guidance on Sixth Form page of the school website.

All students will receive advice and guidance about University Applications but the choice and final decisions are a student’s responsibility, not the School’s. We provide a student’s UCAS handbook and update parents via a UCAS Evening in June.

Applications are completed online at and we aim to send all applications off by Autumn half term of Year 13 in order to maximise the chances of success.

Student Finance, Loans and Maintenance Awards are the sole responsibility of students and their parents. Forms and information on Higher Education Finance can be found at Student Finance England or on the internet at