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Volunteering & Work Experience

Bishopshalt School offers a formal work experience programme for pupils in Year 10 and encourages all Year 12 students to participate in work experience as part of their preparation for the future world of work.

In addition to this, and as part of the Better Bishopshalter ethos of the school, pupils are expected to undertake volunteering activities.

The following web links are a good place to start if you are looking for volunteering or work experience opportunities.

Age UK - Hillingdon are currently looking for volunteers aged 14 and over to work in their shops.

Go Think Big

S4SNext Gen

British Youth Council

Volunteering Matters

Do It!


Restless Development (International Citizen Service)

Twin - work & volunteer


Volunteer England

NCS The Challenge

Step Forward

Join In

Royal Voluntary Service

Prime for work experience within Law

BSMS Virtual work experience for Medicine