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Weekly Activity Sheets Years 7/8/9

As of Monday 4th May students in Y7, 8 and 9 will no longer be following their usual school timetable but will be set ‘essential’ weekly work from their class teachers in Maths, English, Science and either French or Spanish. This work will be on Show My Homework (SMHW) by 9am every Monday and needs to be completed; it should take approximately 10 hours. Your child can complete this work at a time that suits them over the week, as long as it is done by Friday.

All other subjects will set 'subject challenges' weekly. These are shown on the weekly activities sheets. Your child needs to attempt at least 4 each week, however many students will do a lot more.

Teachers will monitor the work submitted for all subjects including 'subject challenges' and those students who go above and beyond will receive rewards postcards, emails from their Head of Year and even Headteacher's awards. Where students do not appear to be engaging with the work set, your child's Head of Year will get in touch to see how we can support you and get them back on track. If your child needs any help with their work, don't forget that they can easily email their teachers from their school email account.

There are also lots of other exciting things for your child to try on the weekly activities sheet, like the Bishopshalt Home Challenge, Better Bishopshalter tasks, the Oracy Challenge, clubs run by prefects and of course our Virtual Year Assembly and Tutor Time, so it is really important that you read through it with them and encourage them to plan their time and get involved in as much as possible.

 You can find the challenges for this week set out in the links on the links below.