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What's it like to be a student at Bishopshalt?


"The teachers are good, they connect with you on a one to one basis.  There are good opportunities such as BODS and becoming a Prefect.  I am really happy I moved to Bishopshalt in the 6th form."          Chris (Year 13) 

"The teachers explain things in a straight forward manner so we understand the work.  The teachers have high expectations.  If a teacher thinks I can do well, I think I can do well."                            Ben (Year 12)


"Everyone gets along with each other, teachers are always up for helping you outside of class time."    Alex (Year 12)

"The teachers here are understanding - you can talk to them.  What they do is always in your best interest."    Cameron (Year 11)





"The teachers are good, you can play your favourite sport.  I go to Homework Club after school."     Liam (Year 7)

"At first it's hard and scary because you are going to a new school and it's a bit daunting but when you get here you make lots of friends, join clubs and get used to it all."           Carys (Year 7)




"It's a nice environment, the teachers are devoted, they never ignore you if you put your hand up."                          Katie (Year 9)


"You feel you are safe at Bishopshalt, it's strong against bullying."​   Kieran (Year 8)






"It's a good school, I enjoy Computing, Catering and Geography the most and it's a safe and fun place to learn."               Alex (Year 10) 

"I love it here!  I like a lot of things, the teachers are strict but fair.  I have joined the netball and futsal clubs.  I like the books we read and the sports we play."​   Zoha (Year 8)