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Year 11 Study Skills & Intervention 2020/21

Year 11 Study Skills & Intervention Timetable

Year 11 Study Skills:

In Year 11 we know the key to success is preparation and hard work. Please find the slides from the study skills after school sessions you all attended on the link below. Make sure you spend some time going through them again in your own time watching the video clips and reading the key notes to find out which is the best study technique for you. You all have been given resources to try out each technique; highlighters, post it notes, flashcards, study timetables with whiteboard pen, etc. so get going on them to best prepare yourself for your upcoming exams.

Year 11 Study Skills

Year 11 Intervention Rota:

As well as studying for your exams, your teachers are providing you with intervention support classes after the school. The idea is that your teachers will make time for you after school from 3:40pm - 4:30pm each afternoon to work with you to close any gaps in your knowledge you may have. The rota is attached below and you will be able to see which subject and class group are on each night. If there is a clash of subjects and you are needed for more than one subject then you can divide your time between the two; one subject one week and the other then next or 2 x 30 minutes session on the same afternoon.

Not all students may be required to stay until 4:30pm if their teacher has not requested them for that afternoon. However, students can stay with Mrs Briggs, Miss Duff or Mr McGillicuddy to revise on their own, consolidate their class work or to receive support for their studies.

All students must attend study sessions if they are requested to do so by their teacher. It is incredibly important that we all work together to ensure Year 11 are as prepared as they can be for their examinations.

Intervention rota:

Year 11 Intervention Rota 2020 - 2021