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Year 6 Transition

September 2018 Admissions

Welcome to all Year 6 pupils and their parents!

By now, your child's primary school should have told you about: Starting Secondary School in Hillingdon 2018.

Our open evening for 2018 admissions is early in the Autumn Term on Wednesday 13 September 2017.  Following this, you must complete either an online, or paper, application by October half term.  If you are successful in gaining a place at Bishopshalt, an offer letter/email will be sent to you by the Local Authority at the beginning of March 2018.  Details of our Open Evening, and of the application process (including key dates), can be found in the Hillingdon booklet.

Transferring from Primary to Secondary School can be an unsettling time for both pupils and their families.  I hope that the programme of events that we have organised will give you all the opportunity to feel confident about changing schools, and to look forward to a new start in September.

Miss S Duff
Assistant Headteacher - Key Stage 3

Key Dates

May - June 2018

Bishopshalt School staff will visit all primary schools to talk to Year 6 teachers and meet the Year 6 pupils.  This visit will be an opportunity for us to find out about the needs and abilities of our new pupils, to tell pupils about the arrangements for the Transition Day in July and the Induction Day in September, as well as to provide pupils with the opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have, and ask questions about the school.


In preparation for your transition into Bishopshalt we have put together this fun quiz for you to complete (click here).  It is not compulsory to take part but if you wish to complete and return the Quiz (word version) either by email to  or send it to Mrs Cookson, Bishopshalt School, Royal Lane, Hillingdon, Uxbridge, UB8 3RF.  There will be certificates for those who take part.

Please return before TUESDAY 3 JULY - winners will be notified following the Transition Day. 

Subject Wordsearch

If pupils want to know what subjects they will be studying in year 7, they can print off, and complete the Wordsearch (click here).  You may find some extra help with this in other areas of the website.

Tuesday 3 July 2018 (9.15am) - Hillingdon Transition Day

All Year 6 pupils in Hillingdon visit their new Secondary Schools on this date.  They should be accompanied by their parents, as there will be a meeting for new parents finishing at 10.45am, giving further information about the transition process.  Parents will receive a comprehensive information booklet about the school, as well as information about how to order School Uniform.

On this day, pupils will be able to meet their Year Tutor, Form Tutor, and some of the other teachers and teaching assistants.  They will have time to have a tour of the school, have lunch in the school canteen, and get to know where their Form Room will be in September.

During the remainder of the day, pupils will take part in a variety of exciting Key Stage 3 learning experiences, including some practical activities. Pupils will be provided with a work folder for the day.

What do I need to Bring to Bishopshalt on Transition Day?

  • Arrive at 9.15am, dressed in Primary School Uniform.
  • "PREP" (writing equipment) - Pen, Ruler, Eraser, Pencil
  • A bottle of water to drink
  • lunch will be provided, free of charge, up to the value of £2.50
  • Hillingdon "All About Me" transition work (your primary school will give you this to bring).

Further information/forthcoming events will be sent out to parents prior to Transition Day.

Tuesday 4th September 2018 (9.30am)

All our Year 7 pupils start a day earlier than the rest of the school in September - this is our Year 7 Induction Day.  This gives us more of an opportunity to get to know the new pupils, and it will enable the pupils to find their way around when the school is not quite so busy.  Most of the day will be spent with the Form Tutor getting organised for the new term (eg handing in letters/forms, being provided with Contact Books/Timetables etc....).  School photographs will also be taken on this day and biometric information for cashless catering.

Thursday 13th September 2018 (6pm)

Parent and child induction and welcome to Bishopshalt

An evening to help parents and children understand how their new school works.  There will be a chance to meet, and receive information from Miss Duff (Assistant Headteacher), the Year Tutor, and the relevant form tutors.  Following this, there will be an opportunity to be welcomed by the Headteacher in the Main Hall, where refreshments will be provided, and a range of staff and governors will be available to meet parents and students.

Monday 24th September 2018

Year 7 Teambuilding Day

Year 7 will have their timetable suspended for the day and will take part in a range of team orientated activities at Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre.  The day will aim to:

  • Help the Year 7s to bond as a year group.

  • Encourage new friendships to develop.

  • Help to develop teamwork.

  • Encourage participation in a range of positive and healthy activities.

  • Introduce and reinforce the house and rewards system.

Wednesday 10 October  2018 (from 6pm) - Provisional

Year 7 Progress Meeting with Form Tutors 

An opportunity for some parents to have a short meeting with their child's Form Tutor.  Not all parents will be invited to this evening as the focus of this meeting will be to discuss how your child is settling into secondary school.  If we feel your child has settled in well to their new school and environment it will not be necessary for you to attend and an invitation will NOT be sent.

  There will be a full Parent Consultation Evening with subject teachers in the Spring Term.