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Year 9

Expectations of Year 9

Year 9 is a very important year for pupils, as they will be preparing for their SATs examinations in Mathematics, Science and English at the beginning of May. The pupils will also be involved in choosing the subjects they want to study in Key Stage 4.
Academic Tutoring
Pupils are placed in forms for academic tutoring. The forms comprise of approximately 30 pupils, and remain the same the same throughout key stages 3 and 4.
The pupils spend time as a group twice a week in form time. During this time pupils will be monitored, contact books will be signed and basic administration will be completed.
Pupils will attend two main school assemblies directed at Key Stage 3 and a year assembly once a week.
Pupils are taught citizenship as a form primarily by the form tutor, however visiting speakers, outside and in house performances also contribute to the deliverance of the subject. The topics covered during Year 9 include:
Careers, Loss, Drugs, Sex Education, Discrimination and Prejudice and Global Citizenship.
The academic tutoring of the pupils is carried out by the Year 9 tutors, Reserve Tutors, Head of Year and the Director of Studies for Year 9.
The pupils study a wide range of subjects in Year 9 and these are Mathematics, English, Science, French, Geography, History, Religious Education, Drama, Music, Art, Technology, ICT, Physical Education and Citizenship. Pupils will then study a selection of German, Learning Intervention and Dance.
Assessment and Reporting
The pupils sit an initial MidYis assessment on entering the school in Year 7. MidYis will predict the target National Curriculum grade for the end of Key Stage 3, for each academic subject.
The pupils will receive effort grades, National Curriculum levels and focus points three times a year in the autumn, spring and summer terms. The grades in the autumn and the summer terms will be used as the basis to discuss pupils’ progress, and set targets on the review days in November and July.
The pupils in Year 9 will receive their reports and will have a Parents’ Consultation Evening in the latter half of the spring term. At this evening parents and pupils are able to discuss the pupil’s progress and ask questions about the subject in Key Stage 4. Teachers of subjects only studied at Key Stage 4 and careers advisers will also be present at that evening. In order that pupils have the maximum amount of information to make an informed choice on which subjects to study at Key Stage 4, an Options Evening is also scheduled towards the end of the spring term.
Features of the Year
The key events in Year 9 take place in the spring and summer terms.
During the spring terms pupils will receive detailed information on subjects available to study at Key Stage 4, which will allow them to make an informed choice when choosing their GCSE options.
The pupils will also prepare throughout Year 9 for their SATs examinations in early May, followed by the school examinations which cover the remaining academic subjects.  
External Website Support
Parent and Carer support for 14-19 year olds.  This guide provides information for parents and carers to enable them to support their teenagers through the career and learning choices they face from year 9 onwards.
For information regarding Options and access to revision websites click links below: