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An Inspiring Curriculm

The curriculum at Bishopshalt is everything we provide to students from the moment they enter the school gates in Year 7 to the moment they leave Year 13.  It is driven through a shared desire to ensure that all of our students, regardless of their personal circumstances have ‘bright futures’.

The curriculum is at the heart of our school’s purpose.  At Bishopshalt we recognise that:

  • Improving educational outcomes is the biggest way we can positively impact upon our students’ futures.  School is preparation for life, and as such we intend to provide the very best curriculum in order to provide as many opportunities for students to excel as we can.

  • We take the term ‘educational’ in its most broad sense: this means more than just a set of academic results. It includes a child’s intellectual development, but also social and emotional development, citizenship and responsibility, happiness and success. 

  • We hope that this vision is ‘lived’ in the way teachers develop the curriculum and the way students experience it.  We want staff and students to believe it, say it, live it and love it.  

Our curriculum, both academic and co-curricular is framed around the following principles.  It is designed to instil a love of learning, build students’ character, ensure that our students show kindness and enable all to chase brilliance.  We believe that these four strands of our curriculum will ensure that all students have ‘bright futures’.



Love Learning

To develop in students a love of learning.  Bishopshalt students will thirst for knowledge due to the intrinsic joy that it brings.


Show Kindness

To develop and instil in our students the virtue of kindness.  Our students do things for others for no personal gain.


Build Character

To develop in students the determination and dedication to succeed.  Bishopshalt students are able to overcome any challenge that may come their way. Our students are focused, resilient and readily overcome adversity.  


Chase Brilliance

To develop students who do not settle for ‘it’s good enough’.  Bishopshalt students always aim to improve their work and aim for perfection due to their belief that they are entitled to be brilliant.


Bright Futures

To ensure that, for whatever field they choose to enter, Bishopshalt students will succeed.  Bishopshalt students will be the very best versions of themselves and compete on the world stage.

Bishopshalt’s academic curriculum is broad, balanced and rigorous.  Through careful planning we ensure that content and learning across the entire curriculum is coherent and links appropriately both through and between subjects.  We value academic rigour, and hold the highest expectations of our students and therefore our curriculum, whilst appropriate, is above all both challenging and stimulating.

Bishopshalt’s extra-curricular provision encompasses the school’s curriculum vision.  The ‘Bishopshalt Experience’ is carefully mapped to ensure that students are given opportunities at each stage of their school life, accessing activities designed to unleash potential.

Our KS3 curriculum is akin to the National Curriculum.  We have a broad, balanced and dynamic curriculum that honours the traditions of the school.  From Design to Dance, KS3 students have a fantastic array of subjects to study.   The curriculum is tailored to our students to ensure that they are both challenged and given the necessary support where needed.  

Our KS4 curriculum allows students to achieve 9 GCSEs or equivalent qualifications.  We have a focus on the academic and core subjects whilst still offering students the freedom to choose from a range of  creative and practical subjects.  We value the languages and rigour of the EBacc qualification and therefore the majority of students are on this programme.  

Our KS5 curriculum is broad and tailored to ensure all students have access to either University or the World of Work post Sixth Form. We have a wide range of courses on offer that provide students with an appropriate and challenging pathway for post 16.

The curriculum we provide outside of the classroom enables students to explore, be inspired and achieve bright futures.  It is vast and tailored towards the following:

  • Build Character - Our Citizenship, PSHE and careers curriculum is delivered throughout the school year.  It is tailored for year groups and the development stage of our pupils.  It is delivered by our form tutors, the staff who know our students best.  We also have  four ‘Drop down’ days each year.  These include developing life skills, University visits, RSE as well as Cultural understanding days.  

  • Opportunities to Shine and Chase Brilliance - Bishopshalt offers many clubs and experiences that allow students to showcase their talents as well as develop their leadership abilities.  The student leadership body is elected and meet regularly to help improve the school.  The Head Boy and Head Girl have prominent roles within the school, as do both Senior and Junior Prefects.  The Performing Arts are a particular focus for the school, with outstanding opportunities for students to act, sing, dance and engage with the dramatic arts.  We also have a vast amount of opportunities for students to work with each other and develop themselves through our excellent sporting teams.  

  • Love Learning and Build Character - Bishopshalt organises many trips that are designed to inspire students and engage them in a love of learning.  The trips are both academic and enrichment based.  We believe that students seeing and engaging with professionals, and ‘real-life’ events enables them to be inspired and fall in love with learning and also help in building their character.

  • Show Kindness - Bishopshalt students engage with charity initiatives, and are supported in taking a lead in helping others within the local community and beyond.  The Better Bishopshalter rewards programme is heavily focused towards rewarding civic duty and showing kindness. 

  • Bright Futures - The entirety of our curriculum, the Bishopshalt Experience, is all designed to unleash potential and prepare students for life after Bishopshalt.  We are committed to ensuring that the experience that students get day on day, term on term and year on year, develops and challenges ensuring our students become the best version of themselves.