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Art and Design






Art and Design Art and Design Miss Gee AQA A level

Course Entry Requirements

A GCSE grade of 5-9 in Art is a requirement of entry onto this Art and Design course.  Any student who has received a grade 4 will only be considered if their grade is at the higher end of the grade boundary.  Students need to see Miss Gee, Head of Art, if this is the case.

Students will be entered for the A level Fine Art, which requires students to submit artwork through a range of disciplines - painting and drawing, printmaking, sculpture, lens-based image making.  This is a Linear A level and therefore a commitment of two years.  By working across disciplines, students will extend their understanding of the scope of fine art; by focusing on one discipline, they will gain a deeper understanding of specific processes within fine art.  This specification offers students the opportunity to explore various concepts/materials whilst working to their own personal strengths and interests.  Students will have the opportunity to visit galleries, work with artists and attend workshops.

The department is equipped in the following areas:  Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture.  A specific interest in any of these can be discussed when visiting the department.

Course Content



All objectives must be met in every Component.


Develop ideas through sustained and focused investigations informed by contextual and other sources, demonstrating analytical and critical understanding.


Explore and select appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques and processes, reviewing and refining ideas as work develops.


Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to intentions, reflecting critically on work and progress.


Present a personal and meaningful response that realises intentions and, where appropriate, makes connections between visual and other elements.





Component 1

Art and Design – Fine Art

Title: Personal Investigation

This is a practical investigation supported by written material.

60% of the total

Qualification (subject to change following new guidelines from exam board)


Marked out of 96

Internally set

Internally marked

Externally moderated

Component 2 – Set February in final year

Art and Design – Fine Art

Externally set assignment - incorporates two major elements: preparatory studies and a 15 hour period of sustained focus.

40% of the total



Marked out of 96

Externally set

Internally marked

Externally moderated

Progression and Careers

Many students go on to one year Foundation and then Degree courses.  It is possible to follow careers in Fine Art, Graphic Design, Animation and Film, Fashion and Textile Design, Photography, Three Dimensional Design, Arts Administration, Community Arts, Art Therapy, Architecture and teaching from nursery to degree level.

Exam Board

AQA A level in Art and Design.

Contact Name

For further information, please see Miss Gee – Head of Art.