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Business Business Studies Miss King Edexcel A level


Do you think that you could run your own business?  How do new businesses get started?  What is a business plan?  How do businesses grow and respond to a changing environment?  What is globalisation?  These are some of the questions that Business Studies examines.

Course Entry Requirements

It is not necessary to have studied Business at GCSE, but a grade 5 in English and Mathematics is essential.

Course Aims

The course aims to introduce students to the world of business and the different ‘stakeholders’ who influence how a business develops.  The wider economic and social environment is also considered alongside technology and ethical issues.  It is important that students follow events in the news and understand how they affect organisations.  The course provides a sound basis for students to continue studying the subject at a higher level.

Course Content

This is a two year linear course.  It is split over three papers and will cover the main areas below.

  • What is business?
  • Managers, leadership and decision making;
  • Decision making to improve marketing performance;
  • Decision making to improve operational performance;
  • Decision making to improve financial performance;
  • Decision making to improve human resource performance;
  • Analysing the strategic position of a business;
  • Choosing strategic direction;
  • Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies; 
  • Managing strategic change.


This will cover all of the content listed above.

Paper 1 – 100 mark paper in 2 hours.  This contributes to 33.3% of the A level grade.  It covers a range of questions from multiple choice to essay based questions.

Paper 2 – 100 mark paper in 2 hours.  This contributes to 33.3% of the A level grade.  It focuses on data response questions.

Paper 3 – 100 mark paper in 2 hours.  This contributes to 33.3% of the A level grade.  It is assessed on one compulsory case study consisting of approximately 6 questions.

Progression and Careers

The course gives students access to a wide range of possible career and higher education opportunities.  Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Operations Management and Human Resources are all offered as part of the many degree courses and lead to worthwhile and rewarding careers.  Business Studies is also recognised as developing important lifelong skills.

Exam Board


Contact Name

For further information, please see Miss King – Head of Business Studies.