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Design and Technology - Food Science and Nutrition WJEC Level 3 Diploma






Design and Technology Food Science and Nutrition Mrs Blankson


WJEC Level 3 Diploma

Course Entry Requirements

An interest in food and cooking is essential, along with a commitment and willingness to purchase ingredients weekly.  Students are expected to show high levels of organisation for their practical lessons and coursework.  This course is suitable for students who have gained a grade C or above at GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition or Merit/Distinction in any food related subject.  A student with good GCSE results, who did not take the subject at GCSE, may be accepted after consulting with Mrs Blankson (Head of Food Technology).

Course Aims

The Food Science and Nutrition course aims to build upon and extend knowledge, understanding and practical skills established in GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition or other related food subject.

The Level 3 Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition has been designed to provide learners with underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills to progress to further study and training.  It offers exciting and interesting experiences through applied learning, i.e. through the acquisition of knowledge and understanding in purposeful contexts linked to the food production industry.

Course Content - Food Science and Nutrition

The course consists of three units, two of which are mandatory and a third which can be selected from two options.  It is intended that most students will follow the third unit which has a practical focus.  In this unit you will be experimenting with different ingredients and looking at the scientific reaction behind the results to create an interesting combination of flavours, sweetness, textures, and shapes.

WJEC Level 3 Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition


Unit Title


Mandatory or Optional


Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Specific Groups

Internal coursework preparing a three course nutritional meal for a target group.

External – Exam about nutrition.



Ensuring Food is Safe to Eat

External – controlled eight hour coursework.



Experimenting to Solve Food Production Problems

Internal – coursework experimenting with different ingredients.



Current Issues in Food Science and Nutrition



Progression and Careers

This subject provides a solid foundation for higher education and a wide range of careers.  Students will find the preparation and cooking of food products a useful life skill.

The knowledge gained with regard to healthy eating and nutrition will give students the ability to make wise food choices and ensure good health through life.  This will allow you to have a sound knowledge and understanding of nutrition and health and food safety.

Students may wish to pursue a career in Dietetics and Nutrition, Food Science, Sport and Nutrition, and also the Food Industry; the biggest industry in the UK.  Alternatively, careers in the Environmental Health Department, National Health Service, the leisure industry, catering and hospitality, in education or even starting a business in the food industry.

Contact Name

For further information, please see Mrs Blankson – Teacher in Charge of Food Technology.