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Social Science - Psychology







Social Science Psychology Mrs Knight AQA A level

Course Aims

Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour.  Psychologists try to understand mental processes, such as perception and memory as well as attempting to explain both normal and abnormal behaviour.  Psychology draws on many disciplines such as biology, sociology, philosophy and statistics.  Students who study Psychology will have the opportunity to develop transferable skills, such as analysis, evaluation and critical thinking.

Course Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum 6  :  Maths (the course involves the calculation and interpretation of statistical data)
  • Minimum 6  :  English Language or English Literature (the course involves extensive reading and essay writing)
  • Minimum 66:  Science (a thorough knowledge of scientific method and research design is required)

Course Content:

Psychology is now a linear course. This means that knowledge and understanding will be examined at the end of the two year course.

A level

Unit 1


Early Childhood Attachments

Social Influence

Research Methods


33.3% of the total A level marks

2 hour exam

Unit 2

Approaches in Psychology


Research methods

33.3% of the total A level marks

2 hour exam

Unit 3

Issues and debates in Psychology + 3 from the following options:


Relationships                            Gender

Cognition and Development      Schizophrenia

Eating Behaviour                       Stress

Aggression                               Forensic Psychology


33.3% of the total A level marks

2 hour exam

Progression and Careers

Psychology is a broad subject that will enable you to access a range of higher education pathways such as Social Science, Business, Counselling/Therapy, Nursing and Medicine.

There are many career opportunities in Psychology, for example: Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Educational Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Consumer Behaviour and Sports Psychology among others. 

Exam Board


Contact Name

For further information, please see Mrs Knight – Head of Psychology.