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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the aims of Work Experience?
Work experience aims to provide students with the opportunity to see the world of work at first hand, to make comparisons with school life, to acquire and develop Key Skills, to sample as wide a range of tasks as possible under the supervision of experienced workers and to make a small contribution to the work of a team.
Work experience is also an integral part of the curriculum with preparation and follow-up work being done in Learning for Life lessons. 
Who organises work experience?
The work experience programme is co-ordinated by the school but students will need to find their own placement by using contacts and networking with family and friends. Once the placement has been found students will need to use the Placement Tool on Unifrog to get the work experience agreed by parents and confirmed with the employer and the school.
Legal Requirements:
In accordance with the Education (Work Experience) Act 1973, students participating in the programme receive no payment and will be expected to work the normal working hours of the organisation (unless agreed otherwise by prior arrangement).
It is also a legal requirement, for insurance purposes, for parents/carers to give written consent for a pupil to take part in the work experience programme. This document will be made available on the website in due course.