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Welcome from the Headteacher

Welcome to Bishopshalt, and the Bishopshalt Website.  It is with real pride and humility that I am able to welcome you to our wonderful school, and do hope that you find all that you need within this website.

Bishopshalt is proud of its History, we retain its original mission and ensure that Bishopshalt is above all else a place for learning.  We have the highest expectations of our students, and of ourselves as we believe that with high expectations students can achieve anything.  All curriculum and leadership decisions are driven through our core values, focusing at all times at what is best for the students.  

We believe that school is preparation for life, so on top of having the highest of expectations we also provide a wide curriculum that is designed to give students a breadth of educational experiences that enable them to excel in various fields and therefore open up future possibilities.  This belief is lived and breathed through the Bishopshalt values. 

We believe that relationships are also key to ensuring students reach their potential, and as staff it is our moral imperative to ensure that we act as role models and develop our relationships with the children in our care.

At Bishopshalt, we are driven by our core values.  We believe wholeheartedly that with commitment and dedication all students that attend Bishopshalt will leave us at the end of Year 13 as well rounded citizens, able to compete on the world stage and have the brightest of Futures. 

Mr L McGillicuddy

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Bishopshalt opened in 1907 when Middlesex County Council established Uxbridge County School (our original name). The school now occupies the site and grounds of a former Victorian mansion and its name was taken from the house where, for 500 years, the Bishops of Worcester rested or halted in their own property while making frequent trips to and from London.

Bishopshalt's story is one of continuing growth and success; at first, as a grammar school and, since 1977 as a comprehensive school.

Much of the main part of the school building dates from the 1950's when the school grew to take four forms of entry each year. It has been a popular local secondary school and in the 1970's expansion to five forms of entry brought another building programme. Following the high demand for places, further growth took place in 1989 when the first six forms of entry arrived. An important ingredient in achieving growth and success is the quality of the teachers. Bishopshalt has always had a highly experienced, well qualified and very loyal staff. Since 1907 there have been just eight headteachers. Over the years many teachers have stayed to give the bulk of their professional service to the school.

Commitment and a willing involvement in the School extends to non-teaching staff and to parents. There is a Parents' Association and parents play a major role as Governors of the School.