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Curriculum Overview

The Bishopshalt curriculum is:

  • ambitious and designed so that students are empowered by powerful knowledge  
  • coherently sequenced with key concepts, within and across subject disciplines, so students understand their interdependence and engage with big questions
  • rigorous and enriching to ensure our students love learning, show kindness, build character and chase brilliance, so that all Bishopshalt students thrive and have bright futures

The curriculum at Bishopshalt is everything we provide to students from the moment they enter the school gates in Year 7 to the moment they leave Year 13.

We value academic rigour, and hold the highest expectations of our students and therefore our curriculum, whilst appropriate, is above all both challenging and stimulating. It is driven through a shared desire to ensure that all of our students, regardless of their personal circumstances, have ‘bright futures’.

The curriculum is at the heart of our school’s purpose.  At Bishopshalt we recognise that:

  • Improving educational outcomes is the biggest way we can positively impact upon our students’ futures.  School is preparation for life, and as such we intend to deliver the very best curriculum in order to provide as many opportunities for students to excel as we can.
  • We take the term ‘educational’ in its most broad sense: this means more than just a set of academic results. It includes a child’s intellectual development, but also social and emotional development, citizenship and responsibility, happiness and success. 

Our curriculum, both academic and co-curricular, is framed around the following principles:  it is designed to instil a love of learning, build students’ character, ensure that our students show kindness and enable all to chase brilliance.  We believe that these four strands of our curriculum will ensure that all students have ‘bright futures’.

Please note that Bishopshalt School is a non-faith fully inclusive setting. Whilst we are supportive of all religions, we ask that parents note that all students are required to fully participate in the curriculum at all times.  The only exception to this is in accordance with the RSE Policy parents may request to withdraw their child from sex education. This may be done by completing and submitting the form contained within the policy document, which can be found in the Key Information area of the school website.